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tv   Headline News  RT  February 9, 2013 10:00am-10:28am EST

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natural bombs and tear gas fired in egypt renewed violent protests against president nursing the latest from cairo on the country's deepening crisis. which is something i do not think. the law enforcement or the u.s. government wants under any circumstances and in the us police in california lose track of a wanted man as their former colleague gives them the slip and this appears into the mountains. michael three twenty grand commons where do i start. this and more furious reaction as you came the makers look for parliament workers offering higher salaries and to those who defend the country and keep the peace.
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from our studios here in moscow this is carrie johnston our top story now egypt has been plunged into a fresh outbreak of street violence as protesters vent their fury against president morsi clouds of tear gas fired by police and gulf demonstrators would pelted the presidential palace with petrol bombs well amid the deepening crisis the authorities have now decided to ban the you tube video service in the country for a month saying it's because of the anti islamic content well the decision sparked outrage among many egyptians questioning the need to shut down the whole service true has the latest now from cairo. at the moment there's been a lot of condemnation of the by protest movements to see you tube as a vital resource for disseminating information about human rights abuses by the security forces it's also an indication of an islam is ation all of egypt has been
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a number of quite controversial statements made by these hardline muslim clerics in the last few weeks including a religious edict calling opposition forces to be killed and a muslim cleric speaking to the. justifying sex mob attacks on egyptian protesters into. what we really think here in egypt this will only fuel for the violence on the streets we've had a very restive country here in egypt in the last few weeks especially since the second anniversary of the journey went into five revolution when thousands gathered in the streets of egypt complaining that their president had mostly had not made key changes in demands of the revolution yesterday we saw on friday we saw more protests as part of friday's day of security thousands of protesters gathered across the main rallying points in this in the country which devolved into clashes between protesters and security forces in the capital here by the presidential palace. the building with molotov by take us and water cannons and so bloody of
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violence in the in the governor with unconfirmed deaths in couple shake as well as violent clashes and. we have more protests on the horizon with further expected violence we don't see this finishing anytime soon. well home going on the rest is not confined to egypt as we report later this hour deepening the political crisis and daily clashes between protesters and police and this year. whether the country be heading towards another revolution. that's a crackdown on the opposition in bahrain on the streets in the courts and in the media reports from the gulf people have been demanding change to usenet. the u.s. full scale manhunt is underway for a former police officer you seeking revenge after being fired the search for christopher dorner suspected of killing three people continues in the mountains in southern california is
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a highly trained former los angeles police department officer with a military background he's also believed to have around forty targets on a hit list according to a manifesto he posted online well daughter is accusing his colleagues of corruption racism and sumant of using excessive force best to get it journalist michael rupert's used to work for the l.a.p.d. he says the department has many skeletons in its closet. i don't condone what's happened and i wanted violence and killing to end but more important i want him to be brought into law which is something i do not think that l.a.p.d. law enforcement or the u.s. government wants under any circumstances with regard to his specific allegations about his case and i'm currently reviewing legal documents that are becoming available online i have to tell you that with regard to his allegations about rich trial board hearings. and. very egregious unprofessional coverup excessive force but also management mouth mouth these perjury and
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a lot of other serious things i believe in one hundred percent the l.a.p.d. has been shown has a consistent cultural problem with racism coverup and cronyism within the department that has victimized i think and probably driven out a great many good officers i left for similar reasons but i had to r.t. dot com and join in the debates about christopher dorner and you can also follow the latest events and find out what made the former police officer attend. it's to. thank. you to.
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lawmakers seem to be in need of a quick fix and they're looking to use taxpayers' cash to help them get their caffeine hit. in london has more on what some are calling a case of cops and robbers. the house of commons is looking for someone to join their team of burma reste is to basically serve hot fancy beverages to politicians now the job pays overt twenty thousand pounds per year which to put into context for our international viewers is over thirty thousand dollars per year if we compare that job to other public sector jobs we've got policeman his salary is have recently been cut starting salaries they now start on nineteen thousand pounds a year similarly with soldiers who start on over seventeen just over seventeen thousand pounds per year so you've got frontline jobs that carry risks to your life the people who protect in the safety of british citizens that are being paid less
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than somebody who's serving coffee to politicians a lot of the police federation representatives took to twitter to ask where they could apply for such a nice restraint job in parliament because it's obviously a lot safer and it's paying more than some of the frontline police officers but i spoke to the former editor of the police tribute to find out what the morale all is like among the police officers amidst these revelations well morale is already rock bottom amongst police officers and i knew i was because of the attacks on their pain conditions their pensions and then they find out as you say the politicians who could like the rest of us make coffee themselves and let's not let's remember that the coffee they have will be heavily subsidized by us the tax payers a lot of people's wages being either frozen or slashed just like the police officer says we hit the streets of london a little bit earlier to find out whether people in london think that someone who
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serves coffee to politicians should be making more money than a front line police officer let's take a look at my coffee twenty grand government where do i saw it. so i'll just go there from washington research coffee give me the most is. you know probably no so searching tonight again tonight is basically a kick in the going because they're just being ridiculous and advertisers and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing something that shows just how out of touch the politicians are with the problems of ordinary brits and of course a lot of critics saying that with the austerity measures read by staying for a lot of people in the u.k. and politicians have made do with a capsule of boiling water and some instant coffee. well just ahead for you this out she wanted to celebrate that historic budget deal for e.u. to cut brussels red tape enough for victim to do want to see itself but another story coming up off the short break.
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wealthy british soil it's time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my scars are there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines
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in two cars a report. back courts has ruled to place russian opposition the. self under house arrest for violating travel restrictions whilst under investigation. is accused of inciting violence during protests as well as the use of force against police with. yes the gators are also looking to allegations that he was planning to stage riots across russia not so often merged as a protest leader thousands took to the streets and russian antigovernment protests
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a year ago he was detained on several occasions violating police orders. either leaders may be popping the champagne corks to celebrate a historic budget deal now looks like the european parliament may spoil the party i mean these are the final say on whether the first cut the unions spending goes through and that eventually block it having a secret vote on the budget plan in what's seen as a revolt against evil leaders well economist james medway says the budgets may yet be sunk by parliament constitutionally there well within their rights to reject the thing and send it back and have another go at writing this now whether they actually do that will probably depend on the fine print on the budget or already present value politic to said it won't be able to support the steel and the head of one of the major groups in the parliament the socialist group said that there are likely to be supported there's going to be a rocky ride i think this budget over the next few months cameron's right talk
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about this being like a reduction in a credit card limits and of course you can have your credit card limit reduced and still spend carry on spending more money now that's almost certainly what's going to happen to britain over the next few years the amounts that britain is expected to pay into the main e.u. fund will increase as a result of increased payments to a new member countries so he's going to pretend that this will show how britain can still be a force in europe how we can push the rest of europe around this glosses over the fact of course that he would have got anywhere in this without the support of the angle of merkel in particular so he can he can try to push that line that you know he knows what he's doing to europe and that we don't need to go so far as to step out of the european union but i wouldn't see the more euro skeptic members of his own party being particularly impressed by any of this. well david cameron may be claiming victory in brussels but domestically one issue is refusing to go away the most occasion to rate fixing at banks in britain is expanding revelations over just how widespread the practice was revelations that have left artie's max keiser
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exasperated. i'm going to avoid it t. work for today just for variety i mean if i thought the t. word is being prosecuted in this country or america i would imagine if i thought that our drone sent up this frank frank jenkins over at barclays bank and exploded innocent passengers splattered on the wall i thought that would have any effect if i thought the guardian would give a flying head about their own population i would imagine the t word but i don't know because they don't. return it to ongoing turmoil arab spring countries in tunisia or the cradle of the region uprisings political chaos is being inflamed the country's ruling is the last parties set on defying the people's demands for change or in the assassination of a chocolate but i need a secular opposition leader and its own prime minister's plan to reshuffle the government is the most so now holding a mass around it's about the legitimacy of their power and it comes a day after
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a funeral was marred by clashes between protesters that blame the government and the police for his death the violence that erupted near the cemetery culminated in several days events of regime rallies that ended in arrests and security forces using tear gas and despite such methods of managing to keep huge crowds away from the city center for now experts believe the unrest may take a turn for the worse. two cities and hearing a profound crisis a crisis of the credibility of the existing new arrangements for holding and any massive crediting of the way in which the it will create i think there are signs that this could easily disintegrate into some kind of civil war hopefully it won't happen and we remain to watch to see how we move organize to prevent this one of those frightening scene used to external support for example by
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the qatari government of the right wing fundamentalists and it remains to be seen whether the present government will take any action against these terrorist groups . and as bahrain approaches the second anniversary of the beginning of protests the government and the opposition have funny agreed to resume dialogue but chances for ending the political deadlock in the gulf kingdom are slim the opposition clearly not trusting authorities following months of persecution. looks into how dissent has been gagged in the country if you look through any pro-government a newspaper in bahrain you'll get an impression that the government has nothing to hide the news of an uprising of the opposition is dominating the front page and if you look through it you'll see other stories about the political discourse in the country the country's information minister insists bahrain has no problems with people speaking out predicting that freedom of expression in bahrain is very high
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because it is guaranteed by the constitution moreover there is a lot to be issued soon that further guarantees yes we have a problem related to banning some websites but that's to protect bahrain from six here in ethnic problems and violence and not any other reason. but this is what happened when we tried several opposition websites having looked through these pages later we did not notice any extremist overtones and so you see from bahrain center for human rights believes the government is deliberately attempting to silence views different to its own center for a moderate which i work for website is a blog we have almost more than four hundred website out of block or more of the most of them are here moderates or political upside although of certain behead our block we have only facebook and twitter there are many which is not the blog. sayed
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spoke to us on the back over two week prison term for what was called breaking the law on public gatherings several weeks later he was arrested again the editor in chief of bahrain's only independent newspaper says this is how things are in his country if you speak out if you express yourself you are expressing yourself at all at your own risks people are brave enough now to speak out but they do that and they could be punished one day you could be put in jail it could end up like an a builder job three years because if you tweeted something social networking came of age during the uprisings of recent years a fact not lost on bahrain's leaders who have watched almost daily street protests and an unusual drop in web traffic through the country picked up by an american internet mourning tour leaves human rights activists here wondering exactly who the constitutional right to expression really applies to alexey russia of ski r.t.
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reporting from the kingdom of bahrain. if you today the ku klux klan is trying to make a comeback in america's south as the city of memphis braces for the largest ever to be extreme move in support of the organizers claiming there's a good reason for the rally. to get out of the way when we have stunning footage of a new being hit by a whale. bartie for that and other eye catching videos. heroism but with an expiry date that appears to be the case for the u.k. army veterans are being denied russian bravery medals because events they took part in were more than five years ago. to reward thousands of british troops who guarded
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crucial convoys that supply the u.s.s.r. during world war two. has more. imagine doing a service to a foreign country during a time of war risking your life going through unimaginable hardships all in the name of helping in their lives imagine that country wanting to reward you with a medal of honor and then imagine your own government refused to allow you to accept that medal for rather ambiguous reasons that's precisely what's happening to several hundred veterans in the u.k. the russian government wanted to award them the medal for their service in the arctic convoy during world war two but the foreign and commonwealth office has refused the request saying that they appreciate the move from moscow but they simply cannot be granted because current rules dictates foreign medals can only be accepted within five years of the events occurring but the british government is promising to soon create a medal to honor u.k. troops who participated in the arctic convoys now the convoys have delivered
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thousands of anti tank guns and fighter planes to the u.s.s.r. between one hundred forty one in one thousand nine hundred five the route to went from north america iceland and the u.k. it's made it look simple enough on the map but it was anything but that the conway's were constantly attacked by german u. boats ships and planes and when humans were in the problem the convoys often filled victim to the horrendous storms in the icy cold waters of the arctic that was some seventy years ago and many of the veterans feel they may not live to see the day the u.k. very wards them with its old version of the metal and for some there is a feeling of bitterness feeling they're being refused a metal that they truly deserve what. not just from the sheer might polish them. to may. also we were what we could. do so. we went to
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do job. nothing that. was on my voice or. another. down there good job you know mother ship might know all there was sick of metal has been created to reward those fighting at sea for bravery it's one of the highest military decoration in russia its importance as such but it has been retained from the soviet union era because of the magnitude of feeds it was awarded for so there are issues that will to let a foreign government honor their service in the greatest war of modern history makes veterans wonder what's behind the reason if it had been america through all of this medal which are many not served on the american i agree when i was in shanghai and china cities but. let me tell you they were to offer me a medal what would be to their written the government's response to the. for their
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part so many british veterans such as john seem open and receptive to the idea of a medal coming from russia. yes. session. over a few years ago left there for a few years. and it down to meet children we grant you. a surprise possession to may just not only beddoes but they're coming from russia this will be extra special but unfortunately in their decision making process it appears the u.k. government did not consider the feelings of its country settlements. there are some other international news in brief for you this hour at least one person has been killed as ferocious storm neemo part of the northeast of the united states the blizzard has already caused massive blackouts in that more than six hundred fifty thousand homes without electricity prompting the government to declare a state of emergency in five states five thousand flights have also been canceled.
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the potential suicide bombers have reportedly been arrested in northern mali as they approach the security checkpoint to the outskirts of tao it comes a day after an attacker blew himself up in the same city making it the second suicide bombing attempt since the french army came to mali to fight its listed streets in the country's north france is now preparing to leave the region and is seeking to undo the mission he's keeping for us. classes have erupted in india after another convicted of a terrorist attack on parliament in new delhi two thousand and one was executed khalid afzal guru is high and his trial mercy he was rejected by the country's president in seclusion led to violence between protesters and supporters of a decision high profile terrorist attack that took place over a decade ago it's the death of a dozen people crossing tensions between india and pakistan. ukrainian
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feminist group fan and have made it to the but in film festival as far as the red carpet the activists were staging a topless protest against female circumcision of naked women fail to win over the want to extend the spread of the way by security guards. long oftenest has been cruising someone you want to find out if they would be ready to battle for a good course. in new york city it's legal for ladies to protest topless so where are the boobies this week let's talk about that part of the body even though it's still private. but do you think that would draw a lot of attention to the cause yeah but then again you know the growth sometimes
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to what it attracts you there. would you ever consider protesting topless for a reason yeah what would be the reason. you would go topless for that yeah would you do it well maybe you are not but do you think french girls would do it more often than american girls i think so why is that what's wrong with the kind of crazy it would be a way to get he was attention but i personally wouldn't do it maybe someone knows and i mean do you think that it would be little a cause or help because. i don't know if he'll do it much it's will bring more awareness i guess people will look so it's not what protesting is all about. let him out lady the bottom line is going topless is a sure fire way to bring attention to your cause so ladies you might want to consider that the next time you suit up for your big rally.
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well coming up in a couple of minutes it's breaking the set it has to be. secretary of state hillary clinton recently testified to congress in regards to the attack on the u.s. consulate was killed an american ambassador in benghazi libya during the testimony couldn't rather calmly said you know things like that the revolutions that sprang up during the arab spring like in libya the events in mali have created instability and safe havens for terrorists and she made it clear that there is no doubt that
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the algerian terrorists had weapons from libya so the us secretary has basically admitted that the actions of the usa and nato have caused a mass instability that has allowed the seeds of terrorism to grow when the justification for most of the actions in the muslim world is to stop evil dictators who harbor terrorists or spread chatting to mock recy if libya would have been left alone algerian terrorists wouldn't be getting any weapons from it now this is like an exterminator accidentally or maybe on purpose actually feeding the roaches in your basement so that there are ten times more of them and then saying that he has to keep working because he's the only one who can get rid of the roaches people like hillary clinton who support funding brutal jihad it's rebel groups to overthrow governments to somehow bring about stability and democracy are either dismally stupid or consciously running a very brutal con game but that's just my opinion.


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